Monday, August 26, 2013


Someone recommended "7, An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess", by Jen Hatmaker.

And here we are, eating off of a list of only a few different foods for a couple of weeks. The goal is to take a break from endless possibilities. To hunger, maybe. To feel some sort of need (like most of the world). And hopefully, to turn to God, and to make some room in my life for Him to move. Same idea as a fast, I guess.

My 'allowed foods' list is comprised of:
whole wheat bread
sweet potatoes
peanut butter
smoothies (the healthy sort)

Day 1, I almost started a blog post about how hard it was, and then I realized how pathetic that is. Its not like I can't eat. Its just that at 3pm, when I want something snackish, a spinach salad doesn't hit the spot.
Day 3, I remembered by mid-afternoon, that I could have a gummy vitamin. That was 10 seconds of fun.
Day 4-9. Tired of all things on this list. One day, I licked the spoon when I put away the kid's macaroni. Asking the Lord to show me His agenda.
Day 12. I'm calling it day 12 even though the last 3 days were eating bliss. During our weekend get-away, Shann and I decided that 'we really couldn't stick to the list very easily' so we ATE WELL. Now its back to the schedule for 4 more days.

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