Wednesday, February 6, 2013

safely HOME

I'm guessing she ran. Sometimes people talk about floating around in heaven. No. How could you not run when Jesus is waiting?
Yesterday my Aunt Patricia arrived home after fighting cancer for about 18 months.  We can say that she fought and won!  In Phillipians, Paul comments that to live is Christ, and to die is gain.  It doesn't feel like a gain for those of us who are left without her and still waiting for Him to call our name.  But from the description of the rapturous joy and the light in her eyes as she took her last breaths in earth's atmosphere, as she RAN into His arms, we KNOW that for her, its all gain.


Mark said...

Ok, that's the last time I'll just casually check your blog on my lunch break, at work. You've reduced me to sobbing tears just seeing her picture. Very nicely put though, waiting for Him to call our name.

Lynne said...

Love it, sis. :-) Love your thoughts, the sweet photo, the image of running to Jesus. Love you!